Floor Hockey Play-Off Schedule


(Above) The Bruins are the number 1 seed in the upcoming floor hockey play-off

The play-offs for our inaugural floor hockey season will start Monday. Please see the schedule below. 

Monday March 18th (3:45 p.m.) #4 Red Wings vs #1 Bruins

                                 (4:15 p.m.) #3 Rangers vs #2 Blackhawks

Wednesday March 20th 3:45 p.m. Championship 


NEW Program! Co-ed Intramural Floor Hockey

The Conway Parks & Recreation Department will be offering a Co-Ed Intramural Floor Hockey program during the mud season. Intramural Floor Hockey will be open for boys and girls in grades 3rd-6th and will take place in the gym at the Conway Rec. The purpose of having a pilot floor hockey program is to offer another program for kids to learn and enjoy, as well as offer a program in the transition of winter and spring programs. Floor Hockey is an adaptive non-contact sport that can be enjoyed by all. The fast-paced game also helps develop hand eye coordination, balance, agility, and teamwork. Basic rules will be implemented and a referee will be there to assure the game is being played fairly. The game will begin with a drop of a ball at the center of the gym, and each team will have 7 players per team. A draft will be implemented to guarantee that each team is fairly distributed and adjustments may be made if necessary. Each game will consist of 15-minute halves running time besides the last minute. The objective of the game is to score on the opposing team and not allow the other team to score on you. Equipment such as goalie pads and sticks will be provided by the rec. The Co-ed Floor Hockey Program will begin on Monday, February 25th for 3rd-4th graders. The program will start for 5th-6th graders on Wednesday, February 27th. The cost of the program is $10 and the deadline to register your child to play in the floor hockey program will be Thursday, February 21st NO later than 5:00 pm.

 * A rec bus will be offered for this program

**Registration forms are available at the Conway Rec or follow the link below to get an electronic version…2019 Floor Hockey Registration Form