Nordic Ski Report


The following page is the Nordic Skiing update for Whitaker Woods in North Conway. Check-in daily to see what the conditions of the trails are as well as the weather. 



Members and Friends –


The trails have recovered from last week’s extended thaw and freeze cycle and were in good shape for the past weekend. Substantial effort went into working the Intervale trail network all day Friday and into Friday night.  Thin trail sections and icy patches were shoveled and multiple passes with the big machine worked the trails in order to set tracks and smooth out the deck. Skiers this week have been very positive about the conditions in the Intervale network Saturday through Monday. Some trail sections in the Intervale are marginal however.  The section along the north side of the pond at LA Drew is very thin as it has a south-facing aspect and always thins out first due to the sun. Also, the NHEC has been doing tree work along their ROW behind Ragged Mountain Equipment along the RR tracks.  Volunteers have been raking debris from the ski trail since last week in order to keep the snow as clean as possible.  This section is ski-able but not pretty.  The Intervale Trail north of the Birchlea road crossing is skate groomed only due to thin snow.  In the lower Intervale network, the North Conway Water Precinct has been doing wellhead work this winter affecting the west end of the Stonehurst trail from Adventure Suites to the field.  This section of trail from the Moat down to the wells have been plowed all winter.  The good news is that this work may soon be complete and the trail can be restored with the next big snowstorm.  The Stonehurst trail on the east side from the Powerline to Rt 16 is not groomed due to ice and thin snow.


Whitaker Woods trails remain in the same condition that they have been since mid-week last week and are pretty good.  Tracks and skate platforms are set on most trails except portions of the higher trails were the snow is too thin to groom.


With another warm spell expected the grooming plan is to minimize work while temperatures remain warm.  For Wednesday there are no plans to groom at all unless we receive significant snow.  This plan will help preserve the minimal snow depth on our trails. With these warm temperatures skiing should remain good despite no grooming, as the trail conditions are largely spring-like and tracks should remain soft with the warm temperatures.  The overall goal is to try and keep as much snow on the trails for the coming weekend.  There is some indication that we will have additional snow late this week.  Let’s hope that materializes.


If anyone is interested in doing some volunteer work for a few hours, the Intervale trail from the just north of LA Drew to the Birchlea RR crossing could use some raking to remove debris left my the tree work. A leaf rake works fine.  Call me if you are able to help. (356-3042)


Think snow!!!

Rates for the public are as follows:
                                     Weekend/Holidays            Midweek
ADULT (15-59):                    $15                                 $10
JUNIOR (6-14):                    $10                                   $7
CHILD: (under 6):                 free                                free
SENIOR: (60-70):                $10                                   $7
SENIOR (70+):                     free                                free

1/2 DAY (1-dusk)              
ADULT:                                 $10                                   $7
JUNIOR:                               $7                                     $5

SEASON PASSES are available at the Touring Center at Ragged Mountain Equipment seven days a week starting each season on December 1st.  The initial pass is $15.00 which covers photo, pass lamination and processing.  Renewal passes are processed for $5 per season by bringing in the old pass and having it renewed and stamped each season.  Resident passes are valid for use in the entire network of trail both Whitaker Woods and the Intervale network.

SAU#9 and SAU#13 students ski for free.  Students should display their Student ID while skiing (or student passes are available for $5 at the Touring Center).

Season Passes for non-resident, non-taxpayers (everyone else), are also available.  Adult $85, Junior $65, Senior $65 and Family $155.

Trail passes are available at the Whitaker House during the mid-day (weather condition dependent), the Touring Center at Ragged Mountain, Eastern Slope Inn, 1785 Inn, Stonehurst Manor, Local Grocer, and several other locations (refer to the web page or trail map for other locations).

Refer to the web site for additional information, including the Fat Tire Bike policy, trail map, event listings, etc. at